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We’re always looking for strong, experienced writers at Minnesota Good Age! 

• Before making editorial pitches, please see our editorial calendar. Not all stories must fit our issues themes, but the editorial calendar can give you a good idea of the kinds of topics we cover most often.

• Writers must live in the state of Minnesota (or just outside of it).

• Stories that require interviews with families should be arranged with the editor in advance of writing and interviewing on behalf of Minnesota Good Age.

• You can send us completed essays or stories any time for “on spec” consideration. If you are new to us, please include a resume and other writing samples, so we can get to know you a bit.

• Never done formal pitch? Read How to Write a Magazine Pitch.

• Send all submissions to

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Kinds of Writers

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What to Include

In addition to your story pitch, send your resume and five previously published work samples (web links or attached files) to If you are new to writing, we recommend you submit a completed article for consideration.

Due Dates

Think and plan ahead. Stories are due six weeks before the first day of the issue month. If you’re writing a story for April, for example, it would be due around Feb. 15 (about six weeks before April 1).

Rights / Contracts

We don’t require you to sign a contract. We ask that you agree to let us publish your story first, before any other publications print it. Ideally, you’ll wait until you see the story in print in Minnesota Good Age, and only then sell it to other publications, if you wish.


You may be asked via email by the editor to review changes made to your copy. This typically happens a few weeks before publication.


• We pay a fixed rate per story (not per word), negotiated with the editor when the assignment is made.
• We pay writers within 30 days of the issue publish date (not upon receipt of manuscript like some magazines do).
• We pay a small stipend for photos contributed by writers that are published in the magazine.


To pay you we need your social security number and mailing address. You can fill out our W9 to provide this information.